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The deepest secrets and drunkenest rantings from Australia's premier pop combo

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hey there my good ladies and gentlemen. Tis Lindsay here, freshly returned from that cold wet place full of weird accents and jackboots. We survived the 25 hour flight and got back yesterday afternoon, on my 26th fucking birthday. But enough talk of the past, I'm putting together a tour diary of those shenanigans that I'm sure shall make it into some below-par teen music mag at some stage.

Right now I wanna talk about the future, the immediate future in fact. Coz tomorrow is the Start of our Aussie tour. The Anchors Aweigh Ye Arseholes Tour 2004, to be precise (at least I think it's called that, I've only seen it written on the bill posters). The Bouncing Souls get in tomorrow morning, probably less Jet-lagged than us, and tomorrow night, thursday the 11th we kick things off in fine style at the Metro, George St, Sydney. First up is Ebola Goldfish, who rape the stage at around 8, followed by the Souls and then us, followed by some partytime Djing in the front bar by our good friends the Pash DJs until the wee hours. There's all the makings of a bloody tops night out right there. Of course, we've only been allowed to do 25 minute sets throughout Europe so the Dropkicks could do their 15 minute bagpipe / tin whistle duels and the like, so whether we're matchfit enough for a full headline set remains to be seen, but surely you've come to expect nothing less from us half-arsed cunts.

Following that, and a long snooze, we're heading way out west, Blacktown to be precise, to play the RSL club on Friday night, with Unpaid Debt and of course the Bouncing Souls. The Souls are from NYC, so none of you tough westside homies better try anything on us, we'll set the New Yorkers onto you, tell 'em you're mates with the 9/11 hijackers or something.

Saturday sees us heading down to a place almost as cold and wet as Europe - Melbourne. Two giant nights at the Corner hotel. Saturday is for the big boys and girls, so we can all get drunk and finger each other in the arse. H-Block are supporting, gonna be awesome to see those dudes again, and DJ Goldfoot is gonna make you swing your pants post - rock show. Sunday is for the little dudes, so any drinking and fingering is gonna have to be done behind the railroad tracks before the show, okay? Same lineup I believe, though DJ Goldfoot may take a leave of absence to hock his foot for some chips at the Crown Casino.

Righto, I've noticed I've been talking shit, please excuse my jetlag, I'm off to eat some more of my monkey face-shaped birthday cake and rock back and forth.

Happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday toooo meeeeee...
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