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The deepest secrets and drunkenest rantings from Australia's premier pop combo

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

G’day there everyone, and thanks heaps for a wonderful little Oz tour. We had ourselves a ball, and with a few exceptions, noted in previous entries, everything was just tops. I would write some form of tour diary, but I haven’t even finished the one from Europe, so you’ll have to make do with this: Played shows, everyone got drunk, had an ovary, had a ball.

Our hearty congratulations go to the organisers of last weeks Wildeloo Festival in Cummins, regional South Australia. In fact, Fucking Regional South Australia. Still, 4000 punters in a town with a population of 900 is pretty fucking amazing. And of those 4000, only one punched our Merch girl, and only one spat at her. Quite a good ratio if you ask me. Cheers to Spiderbait for the rock and for drag racing the charter planes with us, and to the Testeagles for playing their first gig in a year 800 kilometres from their houses. And to all the other bands we were too lazy to watch.

Just this weekend past we trekked down to Melbourne for the celebration of the marriage of our good friend and sometime soundguy Clem and our good friend and most time stinking pom Moth. Clem defected to London about a year ago, and already had his visa-approval wedding over their, so this one was the “let’s watch the parents get pissed and embarrass themselves” one. On Friday night Clem’s band, the mighty ResHeads took the stage at the Public Bar for their traditional “Clem’s in town so let’s book a show” show and it fucken rocked. A year between rehearsals was hardly noticeable, except for the regularly forgotten vocals and all-round shoddy nature of the performance. Nevertheless, they all the hits were there: Principal’s Dirty Finger, If Only I Could Touch You On The Front, and their ode to the scouting movement, 101 Boys. After they were done Gordy dragged us to the Corner Hotel where the Von Bondies were just finishing their set and Charney, our sometime TM and Corner Hotel employee plied us with cheap booze until Gordy started to look attractive, then I knew it was time to go back to the hotel.

The next day only had one mission, to drive to High Street Preston, to La Panella Vego Bakery. It looks just like any other bakery, but it’s all vego, and mostly vegan! I filled two bags full of meat pies, sausage rolls, jam doughnuts, cinnamon doughnuts, apple muffins, chocolate muffins and apple coconut scrolls and it only came to 7 fucking bucks! A bloody bargain!

That night, my stomach bursting with baked delights we went out to see a couple of rock bands, the City Lights and Rocket Science. Unfortunately before the gig started, Roman from Rocket Science fell over and banged his head real hard. Once we stopped laughing we realised that he’d knocked himself unconscious, and had to go to hospital. And that’s where he is, in a coma, right bloody now. He hit his head so hard that they gotta keep him in a coma until the swelling goes down, or else he’ll get some form of brain damage. Terrible news, and we do wish him the speediest recovery. But it does teach us a very important lesson: There’s no place for keyboards in rock n roll...

The City Lights still played though, and it was tops. As the night dragged on, a bunch of guys from the The Suits turned up, all dressed up like robots and superheroes, just to make an already night seem weirder. Of course by the end of the night we ended up wearing most of these clothes, there’s some pretty good photos if I knew how to upload them into this diary thingy...

Sunday arvo was the wedding, and as far as weddings go, it was pretty alright. No religious nonsense, just “I do”, “I do”, and now let’s get pissed. The group Even played, Wally from Even Djd, and we got them a lovely pair of bathrobes, embroidered with Cock and Cunt respectively. Then they were off to Port Douglas to look at things, and I got to drive back to Sydney. Tops.

Next up for us arseholes is the Regen festival in Broken Hill, this saturday. Our manager, true to form, hasn’t given us much info on it, and I can’t find any information on the net, except that a group called Problematic are playing, and I’m sure they’re tops. In fact I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of awesome local bands playing, and at least one hotdog stand providing the food for the weekend. After that we got ourselves a whole bunch of time off! Maybe we’ll even write some songs. I guess we should. Okay then, we’ll write some new tracks and maybe even release a new album this year - then everyone will be happy.

And that’s it for me. Make sure you go and see Anthrax, Hoodoo Gurus, Peabody and all the other tops bands on tour, and we’ll see you very soon.

Yours forever,

Lindsay Frenzal.
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