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The deepest secrets and drunkenest rantings from Australia's premier pop combo

Sunday, July 18, 2004

G'day everyone. Thanks for the words of support over the last week, I had no idea TodayFM had so many enemies - well, I may have suspected it. Still, if even one person in a Hoobastank hoodie comes after us, I'll know to blame Kyle.
In other tops news, the ROCK AGAINST HOWARD cd will be in stores on the 16th of August - that's bloody great news to me and all the bands involved, and hopefully will make a coupla Liberal MPs shit their pants even more than they do every time Alexander Downer speaks. Check out www.rockagainsthoward.com - the tracklisting and stuff will be updated soon to list in full the 34 Tracks in all their glory. There'll also be launches all around the country in August, so be prepared for them (and a few surprises too)...
Also, our merch site's just been crapped on from above with a bunch more Frenzal T-shirts, we now have a shirt for pretty much every single person you could wish to offend. Check out http://vs67874.server-store.com/store/products/category103.inetstore for all the gory details.
Other than that, the Self-Righteous Brothers album - "Love Songs for the Wrong at Heart" has been mastered (did somebody whisper something about polishing a turd?) and with any luck, or complete lack thereof, should be getting released in a coupla months.
Cheers to you all, I'm off to watch some doco about some shit country with some shit president or something...

Monday, July 12, 2004

Here is the MP3 of the entire interview, graciously hosted by bombshellzine.com at


Good bloody on them.

And it's even already been transcribed, by the wonderful Craig New, at:


Top stuff!
Hey there gang. Well, what a crazy last coupla days it’s been for us. Seems we can’t go anywhere in this fair land without whipping up a storm of controversy. If anyone reading this doesn’t already know, this time it’s between us and the lovely Jackie O, star of Today FM, the badly rating popstars and also the judge behind the selecting of the band Bardot, who have since broken up.

The basics of it is that Jackie O was supposed to be hosting the festival, she missed her plane, was 9 hours late, when she finally arrived they were already running behind time, and they asked us to cut some songs out. When we were about to go on suddenly she appears out on stage to say her bit or whatever. The crowd were already chanting for us, and they'd already had to put up with some MP trying to talk to them, So we decided we weren't gonna wait anymore and just went out on stage, with me playing the intro to Thunderstruck (badly). As we started our set Jason and I were saying things like "Sorry bout Jackie O, Jackie O what the fuck?" and "Fuck Popstars, Fuck Big Brother, Fuck the lot of them"... and then proceeded into our set.

Later in the night Jackie O's bodyguard came up to our guitar tech (I thought this was during the set but it may have been at the after party) and told him "You're lucky we didn't come on stage and make something of it", threatening violence against us.

I also "apologised" to jackie at the after party, purely for a photo opportunity.

And yesterday John Zucco at Shock recieved a call from Ryan Wellington, the Producer of the Jackie and Kyle show threatening to "Bury the band" and "Destroy Frenzal Rhomb" if we didn't come on and be interviewed by them. He threatened that Austereo would never play Frenzal Rhomb again (we did wonder whether they'd have to amend their playlist at all to achieve this goal...)

So we decided to go on their show, not to apologise, but because we couldn't believe they'd give us another forum to air our views on the Australian Music industry (The gig was to about 4000 people, how many people listen to Today FM?), and to ask them why they threatened to destroy the band.

They prerecorded the interview, but broadcast it as if it were live, pretending they had demanded their producer get Jason on the line, in a display of high-drama. To their credit they broadcast the interview in its entirety, just bleeping out the swear words (well, most of them – Jackie can be heard saying “fuck”). And, as I'm sure you'll hear in the interview, the results speak for themselves.

In addition to this, Jason and I also DJ on JJJ sometimes, so we'll be sure to play the whole interview again, to make sure Jackie feels she hasn't been misrepresented. Friday morning between 6 and 9 we're doing breakfast with Adam Spencer, so we might give it a spin then.

And Steve Cannane from the Hack program on JJJ, which runs at 5:30 every weeknight, is going to look into the whole "Austereo banning bands it doesn't like" phenomenom.

So, looks like a great time ahead for Australian music.

Please feel free to head over to www.kyleandjackieo.com and promise them your undying support and adoration in their brave fight, or email Jackie O your words of support to jackieo@kyleandjackieo.com.

You can also let the whole Today Fm crew know how much they mean to you at http://www.2dayfm.com.au/contact.php


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