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Sunday, July 18, 2004

G'day everyone. Thanks for the words of support over the last week, I had no idea TodayFM had so many enemies - well, I may have suspected it. Still, if even one person in a Hoobastank hoodie comes after us, I'll know to blame Kyle.
In other tops news, the ROCK AGAINST HOWARD cd will be in stores on the 16th of August - that's bloody great news to me and all the bands involved, and hopefully will make a coupla Liberal MPs shit their pants even more than they do every time Alexander Downer speaks. Check out www.rockagainsthoward.com - the tracklisting and stuff will be updated soon to list in full the 34 Tracks in all their glory. There'll also be launches all around the country in August, so be prepared for them (and a few surprises too)...
Also, our merch site's just been crapped on from above with a bunch more Frenzal T-shirts, we now have a shirt for pretty much every single person you could wish to offend. Check out http://vs67874.server-store.com/store/products/category103.inetstore for all the gory details.
Other than that, the Self-Righteous Brothers album - "Love Songs for the Wrong at Heart" has been mastered (did somebody whisper something about polishing a turd?) and with any luck, or complete lack thereof, should be getting released in a coupla months.
Cheers to you all, I'm off to watch some doco about some shit country with some shit president or something...
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