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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hey there. We've been a bit quiet lately, in case you haven't noticed. Well, quiet on this website anyway. Jason and I have been lowering the radio bar significantly on JJJ for the last few weeks in the arvos, and we're gonna be doing saturday afternoons from this weekend too. So tune in to hear bad songs and worse banter. Gordy's been as busy as a one-armed paper boy with crabs, or more accurately, a two-armed drummer in Mindsnare. Touring around the traps, Tasmania was the last one, lucky cunt. And Tom, well, Tom's been sailing. And working on his side-project, which I for one can't wait to hear.

And yes, we lost the election. So now the initial impulse of moving to New Zealand has passed, we get to work on making sure the cunt or his Treasurer mate don't get in in 2007. I predict some pretty fucked times economically for this country over the next 3 or so years, not to mention some pretty bad times for the other people our government has fucked over.

The Self-Righteous Brothers have been pretty busy of late. By that I mean we played two shows, in a different state! There's pictures of that little outing on the high seas at http://photobucket.com/albums/v48/DoctorLindemans/The%20Self-Righteous%20Brothers/. We've got a little 3-song sampler you can get your grubby little hands on by emailing srbinfo@hotmail.com, and we'll have an album out real soon too.

Other than that, local bands are good, including Unpaid Debt, The Optionals, Dick Nasty, Peabody, Godnose, Gazoonga Attack, The Nation Blue, Ebola Goldfish, The Disables and Cosima. See you at the Peabody single launch this Friday at the Annandale.

Cheers, your illicit girlfriend,


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