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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Gday there everyone. Just a quick update on the movements of your four favourite Frenzal fuckwits, and I’m not talking bowel movements. We comfirmed the BDO a coupla days ago, sorry for keeping a lid on it, but we wanted to be sure we were doing it. Christ knows why they asked us, we haven’t released anything this year, I guess we were on the list of filler – along with Slipknot and the Beastie Boys. Unlike those last two headliners, we’ll be playing reeeeeeeeeeal early, first on the main stage, so you’re all gonna have to get up a little earlier that day. Of course after we play you can go and get some sleep until Dallas Crane play, and then go watch Tom ejaculating into his panties over Slipknot.

It’s gonna be pretty fun too, coz Jason and I will have just started our silly Triple J breakfast thing, so we’ll be doing that and playing at the BDO some days. I think we’ve agreed that sleep is for the weak for the first coupla months of 2005…

Other than that, we wrote a bunch of songs the other weekend, and hopefully we’ll write a bunch more pretty soon, so we can get back out on the road again sometime in the first half of next year. To all the scaredy people scared that JJJ will be the ruin of Frenzal Rhomb, just remember, our Breakfast Show shift finishes at 9am, rock doesn’t start til midday.

Cheers and isinglass-free beers,


ps - here's a picture of Jay, Gordy and me with and Ian "Turps" Turpie. Need I say more?

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