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The deepest secrets and drunkenest rantings from Australia's premier pop combo

Saturday, June 24, 2006

And there you have it. Album finished. 10 days, 27 songs. That's 2.7 songs a day. about 4 hours per song. That rules. Friday was indeed party day, as the photos below will attest. We also did an audio commentary for the DVD that's gonna come out sooner or later. Cheers to Mick and Uncle Bruz for the humourous (and possibly defamatory) assistance. We start mixing in about a coupla weeks.

tom is hot
Has anyone said that Gordy looks like Ben Lee?
stop posting about yourself shitcunt
Gordy looks more like the end of my cock ;)
when boys, wheeeeeeeen??? when are we going to hear new stuff on jjj?? are you going to blow your own trumpet on breakfast show??
we r waiting...
IM waiting...
come to Canberra you scummy cunts!!
ur new album is fucking awwsum spshali u need a friend n crulty to animals ... just wondering wen u r gunna cum bak 2 broken hill i no its shit hole n al but cumm on ur lyk tha best show weve eva had. love miki xox
ps the doctor is fucking sxc lol
how cum there r lyk no picys of tha doctor on here ay theres onli lyk 1 u cheap cunts cumm on lol
hey where are the pics of dr and jay , there are only pics of those other pricks...you guys gotta come to nz soon, yes its across the ditch, have a few vbs on the way or speights is good
hey come to croatia!!!!!
Where did you find it? Interesting read film editing schools
You've got a fan in Canada! Glad to see you're still hard at work. Looking forward to your music!

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