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Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday June 12, 2006.

Day one. 6:40pm. Wow, haven’t we achieved a lot. So far we’ve set up the drums, spent 5 hours tuning them, which is pointless since BANG is not a note. I’ve lined up a dude to root and Gordy’s half drunk on Heineken already. Smooth sailing. More tomorrow.

There’s a conga line of amps set up that could probably circle the earth twice, if they weren’t busy sitting there waiting to have guitars plugged in to them and played loudly. The guitars, well it’s Ebay’s finest: Kalugas, Squires and Auditions, with a couple of Gibsons, Gretchs and Danelectros to lend some credibility to the whole process. There’s enough pedals to replace every unexploded mine in Afghanistan: distortions, overdrives, fuzz, flangers, phasers, choruses, delays, wahs, whammys, and octavers. All this at our feet, and what have we gone with so far? Gibson SG plugged into a Marshall. Fuck you.

Here’s a tip though. Next time someone starts telling you the Boss SD-1 is better than the Tubescreamer or vice versa - they both sound exactly the fucking same. As does every other overdrive pedal from ’75 to ’92. End of story.

Oh yeah, the bass. Tom’s got one. And he plugged it into an amp. Sounds bassy.

Later that night…

We could bang on about all the banging going on in the search for the perfect snare sound, the building of a bass isolation enclosure, and the vintage of the microphones used to mic up the guitar amps, but we feel this photo is a clear indication, on day one, of how the recording is going to go:

One song down, about 20 to go.

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