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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well, it’s taken us three and a half albums, but we finally got Gordy onto a microphone. Don’t worry, just backing vocals, but he’s there. Worldwide superstardom is only moments away. Won’t it be nice to hear an album not bathed in Aborto-tune for once…

We’re over halfway through the vocals now, so pretty much on the home stretch. So much so that Gordy’s just decided that Friday is officially “Party Day”. So feel free to drop on by. We’re at the Sausage Hotel, on Coo Coo Street.

We had a large Indian dinner, and listened to TOTO IV for inspiration. So far, potential album titles are “Pappadum Preach”, and “Lukather love in all the wrong places”. We’ll keep thinking.

Remember, as Bobby Kimball says “Why don’t we make believe we’re in love again”

Good work boys an jason
Fucking good to c that your still alive an kicking keep the music coming
love your music
see use all in fucking Adelaide!
peace out
best regards, nice info » »
that incident concerning jackie o and a certain Rhomb is resurfacing again :)
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